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Rebel Hearts with Kristie Reeves

Jun 20, 2018

This week on “Rebel Hearts”: Kristie speaks with Dr. Lia Bernardo, one of the leading experts in the areas of wellbeing, natural health and personal growth in the country today. She utilizes the leading edge principles and practices of Psychoneurology and Integrative Health, and has helped and guided many to their lives of happiness and thriving with spirituality as its foundation. Lia facilitates corporate retreats and provides executive consultancy services. She is also an active member of the American and International Board of Psychoneurology. All of Lia's work is spiritual in nature and is focused on personal empowerment from the integration of the spirit, mind and body. Her advocacy is on teaching self-love and creating awareness on the importance of developing a foundation of self-nurturing and self-acceptance for mind, body and spirit wellbeing. In this interview Lia talks about her own personal journey of transformation and what has helped her to create a life filled with joy, love and abundance. Her belief is that we all have the ability to thrive, and it is through a mindset of self-love and nurturing that we can create a life according to our highest potential.

Lia shares some of the tools she teaches her clients in order to bring more happiness into their lives. Learn what you can do in your daily life to move into self-love and joy. Learn about Lia's tools so you, too, can nurture yourself and start thriving!
The foundation for creating a thriving life to to love yourself and Lia teaches us how to do so!