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Rebel Hearts with Kristie Reeves

Nov 1, 2017

This week on "Rebel Hearts": Kristie talks with Joel Fuhrman M.D., family physician, author of six New York Times best-selling books and nutritional researcher. Dr. Fuhrman presently serves as the President of the Nutritional Research Foundation, has published multiple scientific articles on human nutrition and is also involved with multiple ongoing studies addressing heart disease, diabetes and cancer. He is a frequent guest on "The Dr Oz Show" and can also be seen on his own PBS television health specials, which brings modern nutritional science into homes across America. Dr Fuhrman’s new book "Fast Food Genocide" is his most important work ever. 
In this interview Dr Fuhrman speaks on what a nutritarian diet is. He talks about the dangers of processed food and what it does not only to our physical but also emotional and mental health. Food affects our mental state, intelligence and behaviors, and Dr Furhman shares about the research that has shown an increased crime rate and lower IQ levels connected to processed food. 
Find out how healthy nutrition starts in the pre-conception stages, and how our genes are affected by what we eat. But our diet not only impacts our own genes, but also the ones of future generations. Dr Fuhrman stresses the importance of returning to nutritious and organic foods in order to prevent gene defects. 
Dr Fuhrman also speaks on the increased number of psychiatric diagnosis and how food contributes to labels such as ADD/ADHD. We speak on how healthy nutrition can reverse severe illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes as well as auto-immune disorders. Dr Fuhrman talks about how following certain nutrition protocols as described in his newest book will help us solve the health care crisis and save millions from needless suffering and mental illness. 
We can change society by the way we are eating!