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Rebel Hearts with Kristie Reeves

Sep 20, 2017

This week on "Rebel Hearts": Kristie talks with Dr. Roy Vongtama, a holistic physician and actor whose multidimensional talents encompass science, art and spirituality. Dr Roy holds a BA in Biological Basis of Behavior from University of Pennsylvania (with Magna Cum Laude honors), a Medical Degree from the University of Buffalo, and a Board Certification in Radiation Oncology from UCLA, along with authorship in over 15 scientific articles. His most recent theater credits include EST/LA’s 2016 LA Ovation Award-winning "Watching OJ", "Brothers Paranormal" at La Jolla Playhouse and "Pan Asian Repertory". Film and TV credits include "The Bucket List", "Private Practice", "The Shield" and "NCIS:LA". His production company Resonant Entertainment released their first feature, "After the Rain", in 2017.
Dr Roy talks about how he has always had an innate sense of curiosity, asking questions about things no one else would ask about or often even had answers to. After starting his work as an oncologist, that curiosity and  willingness to explore new things lead him to asking his cancer patients questions about their family and relationships, their life's journey and their current circumstances, and he found a common thread amongst his patients. Find out about the three questions that Dr Roy asks his patients and the answers all of them have in common.
Falling in love with the practice of meditation and seeing the effects it has had on his own life, Dr Roy encourages many of his patients to start meditating themselves. He speaks about how many of us are so disconnected from our emotions and usually tend to suppress pain, trauma and grief instead of acknowledging it in order to heal. He speaks about how his work an an actor has affected his own emotional life and capacity, and how he applies this knowledge now to his work with his patients.
Dr Roy speaks about his upcoming book "Healing Before You’re Cured" in which he shares the principles of healing that he has gathered as a holistic physician, encompassing meditation, cognitive psychology, traumatic discovery and healing, as well as nutrition combined with 25 years of Western medical training. He talks abut how often we look at one aspect of our life in order to cure an illness, but since our beingn-ess encompasses body, mind, spirit and soul, it is so important to approach the healing process by looking at all of these aspects in order to create health on all levels.
Find out how you can be or become healthy through a holistic approach of life!