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Rebel Hearts with Kristie Reeves

Sep 13, 2017

This week on "Rebel Hearts": Kristie talks with Dr. Niki Elliott,
clinical professor, author, speaker and expert in the field of
consciousness development and vibrational healing. Niki Elliott earned
a BA at UC Berkeley, a MA at Teachers College, Columbia University and
a PhD in Education from UCLA. She is the founder of "Innerlight
Sanctuary" and "The Innerlight Method". She has written two books:
"Intuitive Mother" and "I Feel Your Pain: A 7-Step Survival Guide for
Empaths, Intuitives and Highly Sensitive People". Niki serves as a
Clinical Professor of Education and the Co-Director of the Center for
Neurodiversity, Learning and Wellness at the University of La Verne.

After a traumatic experience more than 15 years ago, Niki's intuitive
abilities opened up overnight. All of a sudden she started feeling
other people's pain in her own body and becoming extremely sensitive
to the energies of her environment. It was not until she studied
various energy healing methods that she found solutions on how to not
only handle but also thrive with these newly opened up gifts.

This experience lead Niki to founding the "Innerlight Sanctuary", a
virtual village in which she supports empathic and intuitive people.
She also founded a modality called "The Innerlight Method", which is a
groundbreaking energy healing modality that helps highly sensitive
people develop healthy energetic boundaries and restore emotional as
well as physical balance.

Niki shares with us about the challenges highly sensitive and empathic
people are facing and gives us easy to apply and practical tools on
how we can turn this challenge into an asset. Many highly sensitive
people walk around the world feeling everything on a heightened level,
thus becoming overwhelmed with the world around them. Niki educates us
on how important it is to learn to turn down the dial, so that we may
show up in the world as our full selves.

She also educates us on the intuitive pathways and how different
people access intuition in different ways. It is by finding out which
pathways are the strongest for us and then allowing ourselves to keep
that channel of intuition open in order to access to our genius, and
Niki teaches us how.

Learn how to create energetic boundaries and manage your sensitivity
so you can live your life at your full potential!