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Rebel Hearts with Kristie Reeves

Sep 27, 2017

This week on "Rebel Hearts": Kristie talks with Dr. Marcy Axness, early development specialist, parent coach, and author of "Parenting for Peace: Raising the Next Generation of Peacemakers". Marcy's areas of expertise include adoption, prenatal parenting, interpersonal neurobiology and Waldorf education. Marcy's passion is to focus on what can go right — how we can optimize our child's potential and do it in a healthier and more joyful way.
Marcy shares about her own journey as a mother and how, feeling lost after the birth of her son Ian, she went on a voyage of discovery to find the parenting resources necessary to support her. With the amount of information currently available to us, many new parents can become overwhelmed, and, having faced her own challenges, her book "Parenting for Peace" was written to help parents feel supported through the research and guidance the book provides. 
In this interview Marcy talks about her seven principles of parenting that accompany the child through the seven stages of the beginning of their life. She also teaches us why it is so important, especially for mothers, to heal their own childhood pains before conceiving and how to awaken parents to their power to become an example for their children. 
Marcy also speaks about the smart phone revolution and its affect on children. She educates us on how to use fairy tales to strengthen the imagination of the child, to engage with our environment in order to grow and gives us tools and tips on how to augment the ability to self-regulate by relying on one's own resources. 
Learn how to raise a generation of children hardwired for peace!