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Rebel Hearts with Kristie Reeves

Jan 24, 2018

This week on “Rebel Hearts”: Kristie speaks with Dr. Edward J. Wilson, MD, an active physician in Los Angeles, trained in Internal Medicine at USC, UCLA and McGill University. As a Kennamer fellow, he taught medicine at UCLA’s Wadsworth Medical Center and for years headed the department of integrative medicine at BeurinUniversity. For 20 years, he walked in the shadow of Moroccan mystics, learning the art of meditation and self-discovery. He has co-authored a book called “Yoga of Abraham: Practice of Peace” which offers an introduction to an ancient Kabbalah-based system of healing with insights from our modern understanding of human physiology.                                                     In this episode of Health Wisdom Wednesday, we talk about Dr. Wilson’s inspiration to become a physician and how he simultaneously combined his studies of mysticism with his studies of internal medicine. He delves deeply into the mind, body, spirit connection and how an ancient teaching called, “The Book of Creation”, helped him to make the connection between our organs and our emotions/belief systems.                                                                  Dr. Wilson shares how these 4,000 year old teachings inspired the practices in Yoga of Abraham, which use postures and breath work to focus on a different organ system each day of the week. Find out how this daily practice helps your body to function harmoniously just like a village.                                                                     We talk about who Abraham is exactly and how these ancient teachings have handed us the keys to Creation. Discover how all this ties into our stem cells, 22 chromosomes, and the right and left sides of our body.                                  Take these keys of creation and use them to unlock your healing and wellness.