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Rebel Hearts with Kristie Reeves

May 24, 2018

This week on "Rebel Hearts": Kristie, joined by her co-host Jivananda, talks to Geneva and Aaron Bigelow, the co-founders of Health Evolution Tech, Inc., a California-based, self-funded tech startup that developed the AmpCoil device, a sound tech transformation tool. Aligned with the principles of nature, AmpCoil, powered by the BetterGuide app, is the only system that merges PEMF, biofeedback, bioresonance, Tesla and sound technology into an all-in-one wellness system for home use
Aaron and Geneva both had severe physical symptoms due to Lyme Disease. Facing $300k of bills for medical treatments and still not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, they started looking for another solution. Geneva and Aaron assembled a team of professionals to create a powerful frequency tool- this is when AmpCoil was born.
Geneva and Aaron also share how, in the course of looking for a solution, they had to address the emotional aspects of the illness. They talk about the gift that Lyme disease had in their lives and what is necessary to give yourself permission to heal.
If you are really interested in becoming empowered about your own health, then learn all about this new frequency technology as well as well as the paradigm shift we all are capable of!